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Cândido Sales.

I build things for
the web and mobile.

I'm Brazilian 🇧🇷 from Piauí ☀️ and a Kitchener-based 🇨🇦 software engineer who specializes in building (and occasionally designing) exceptional digital experiences. Currently, I work at Cisco focused on building accessible, human-centred products.


Some open source projects that I've built and maintain


Other projects that I develop in my spare time to practice new resources and technologies


Some projects that I develop and help to maintain voluntarily that it is in accordance with principles that I believe such as education, culture, art, public health and sustainability


Some articles that I write about my experiences


Let's exercise a little bit of how to deal with the fear of not being perfect through art 😊.

If you liked any painting you can buy one of my products 👕 in my little shop.

Let's work together

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